Friday, 1 May 2015

May 2nd, 2015 : world première of 'Alice in Wunderland', opera by Johannes Harneit, in Gera

Today, Saturday May 2nd, 2015, Alice in Wunderland, the new 'chamber opera for children and adults' composed by Johannes Harneit will be performed for the first time in Gera (Bühne am Park).

The libretto by Lis Arends is an adaptation of the world famous novel by Lewis Carroll. This is at least the third lyrical work composed after this work. Previous operas on the same subject include works by Peter Westergaard (2006) and Unsuk Chin (Munich, 2007).
On a hot, long summer day, the little girl Alice encounters a white rabbit with a clock – she follows him into his hutch and thus becomes immersed in a fascinating world full of absurdities and peculiar challenges. But everything in Wonderland that perhaps appears senseless or arbitrary at first glance reveals itself to be logical and providing of new insights. Alice encounters a mouse, the Mad Hatter, the Marchrabbit, a smoking caterpillar, a grinning cat that can simply dissolve into the air, and the dominating Queen of Hearts in command of an entire army of playing cards. Alice faces up to all situations, full of courage and curiosity; these become ever more threatening until they ultimately become a matter of death or freedom. (reproduced from the Sikorski website)
The main parts will be performed by members of the Thüringer Opernstudio : Anja Elz, Sin Ae Choi, Jaegyeong Jo, Eleonora Vacchi and Salomon Zulic del Canto. Holger Krause conducts and Cornelia Poppe directs.

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