Saturday, 18 March 2017

Today : world première of Ludger Vollmer's 'Tschick' in Hagen

Today, the Theater Hagen presents the world première of Ludger Vollmer's opera Tschick, with a libretto by Tiina Hartmann after Wolfgang Herrndorf's novel.

(c) Müller

It is the composer's seventh opera after Paul und Paula (Nordhausen, 2004), Gegen die Wand (Bremen, 2008), Schillers Räuber (Jena, 2009), Border (Köln, 2012), Lola Rennt (Regensburg, 2013) and Crusades (Freiburg, 2017).
With his mother in rehab and father away on a business trip with his young lover, Maik is home alone in his parents’ villa. It’s the first day of the summer holidays. Together with Tschick, a German-Russian from the tower blocks on the wrong side of the tracks in Hellersdorf, Maik shows up in a stolen Lada at Tatjana’s birthday party, a girl he’s head over heels in love with. Soon after, they’re tearing through the German countryside in the blazing sunshine, heading ever further south east, to Walachei, where Tschick’s grandfather lives.(reproduced from the rowohlt website)
The cast includes baritone Andrew Finden (Maik), bass Karl Huml (Tschick), mezzo Kristine Larissa Funkhauser (Isa), soprano Marilyn Bennett (Mutter Maik) and bass Rainer Zaun (Vater Maik). Florian Ludwig conducts the Orchestra and Chorus of Theater Hagen. Roman Hovenbitzer directs.

The score is published by Schott. A perusal score is available on their website. According to the full score, the required orchestra is the following :

- 2 flutes (2nd doubling piccolo, alto flute), 2 oboes (2nd doubling cor anglais), 2 clarinets in Bb (2nd doubling bass clarinet in Bb and Eb clarinet), 2 bassoons (2nd doubling double bassoon) ;
- 2 horns in F, 2 trumpets in Bb, 2 trombones, contrabass tuba in Bb ;
- timpani ;
- percussion (3 players) : glockenspiel, crotales, xylophone, vibraphone, tubular bells, 2 pairs of cymbals, tam-tam, bongos, 2 snare drums, tom-toms, bass drum, drum set, cuica, metal chimes, wooden chimes, templeblocks, bits and pieces ;
- electric guitar, piano (doubling harpsichord, rock organ) ;
- strings :

The performance should last about 100 minutes.

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