Saturday, 3 November 2018

Today : world première of 'Lorelei' by Julian Langdon in Melbourne

Today, the Victorian Opera in Melbourne presents the world première of Lorelei, an opera-cabaret composed by Julian Langdon, with a libretto by Casey Bennetto and Gillian Cosgriff.

It is not the composer's first opera.
All aboard ! You’re on a boat, sailing down the River Rhine in Germany heading toward a particularly tricky bend in the river. A bend which few vessels manage to navigate without crashing and where sailors always drown.
Legend has it that it’s because of three sirens, the Lorelei, who sit atop the cliffs singing a song so alluring and irresistible that the sailors can’t seem to stay focused on the task at hand. You’ll meet this famous trio, who will prepare you to hear the most incredible songs of your life.
But you’ve caught the Lorelei on an odd day. Because today they're wondering if they’re sick of singing sailors to their death. Do they all really deserve to die ? Can the Lorelei help being so irresistible ?
The Lorelei seem to be having a crisis of conscience. Maybe they’ll shake things up a bit and see what happens if they change their tune. (reproduced from the Victorian Opera website)
The cast includes mezzo Dimity Shepherd (Lorelei A), soprano Ali McGregor (Lorelei B) and soprano Antoinette Halloran (Lorelei C). Phoebe Briggs conducts the Victorian Opera Chamber Orchestra. Sarah Giles directs.

The performance should last 75 minutes. The venue is the Coopers Malthouse, Merlyn Theatre.

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