Friday, 22 June 2018

Today : world première of 'Drachenreiter' by Jan Pezold and Henning Kothe in Lübeck

Today, the Theater Lübeck presents the world première of Drachenreiter (Dragon Rider), a children opera with libretto and music by Jan Pezold and Henning Kothe, based on a novel by Cornelia Funke.

Cornelia Funke
Firedrake is a young dragon who lives in a hidden valley outside of London with other dragons. After realizing that humans intend to flood the valley and the dragons living there are no longer safe, Firedrake sets off with the guidance from the eldest member of his clan to avoid the 'Golden One' and to find the Rim of Heaven, a legendary location that is a safe haven for all dragons. (reproduced from wikipedia)
The cast includes Dominik Müller (Drache Lung), soprano Imke Looft (Waldkobold Schefelfell), Alexander Wilbert (Ben), bass Simon Rudolf (Drache Nesselbrand, der Goldene), countertenor Johann Moritz von Cube (Fliegenbein) and Marlon Hangmann (Professor Schwertling). Jan-Michael Krüger conducts the Lübeck Philharmonic Orchestra and the Vocalino Children Chorus. Jennifer Toelstede directs.

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