Sunday, 12 November 2017

Today : world première of 'König Drösselbart' by Andres Reukauf in Hagen

Today, the Theater Hagen presents the world première performance of König Drösselbart (King Thrushbeard), an children opera composed by Andres Reukauf, with a libretto by Petra Grube after the Brothers Grimm.

Andres Raukauf has already composed several operas for children : Die Prinzessin auf der Erbse (Hagen, 2012), Der Froschkönig (Hagen, 2013), Vom Fischer und seine Frau (2014), and Hänsel und Gretel (Hagen, 2015).
What should the perfect man look like for Philine ? She does not know exactly, but how he should NOT look, she knows all the better. And he should not even have a beard like a throttle. A "King Drosselbart" has no chance with her !
It doesn't matter to her, that everyone else thinks she is superficial, after all, she's a real princess - and she has to be nasty. Should anyone be judged only by the appearance ?
These and many more questions lead the princess into the adventure together with her loyal dog Karlo. (freely adapted from the opera theater website)
The cast includes Jan Schuba (König Ludwig / Händler), Carolina Walker (Philine, Ludwig's daughter), Tobias Rusnak (König Drosselbart), Daniel Heck (dog Karlo), and Kristina Günther-Vieweg (cat Charlie). Jan Friedrich Eggers directs.

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