Friday, 17 November 2017

Today : world première of Giovanni Mancuso's 'Atlas 101' in Treviso

Today, the Teatro Comunale di Treviso presents the world première of Giovanni Mancuso's Atlas 101, a 'matematico-dream spy opera'.

(c) Fotovideolab di Riccardo Spinella

It is the composer's second opera after Obra Maestra (2006).
Hedy Lamarr, the Austrian actress who won Hollywood in the 1930s, and composer George Antheil, famous for his avant-garde experiments, contributed to the struggle against Nazism by conceiving the Secret Communication System, a method of intercepting radioactive torpedoes, similar to the perforated paper rolls used for mechanical pianos, which constantly changed the frequency of radio controls to prevent enemies from intercepting the signals. But their project exceeds any expectation by coming to the idea of ​​a universal Atlas of Relationship, a kind of ultimate theory that makes it possible to understand the nature of things and events. (freely adapted from the Teatro Comunale di Treviso website)
The cast includes Fernanda de Araujo (Hedy Lamarr), bass Francisco Bois (George Antheil), baritone Francesco Basso (Ganesh), soprano Sara Fanin (Maria, cameriera di Hedy), bass Luca Scapin (Vescovo), Lucas Lopes Pereira (Generale Spy) and Veniero Rizzardi (John Conway). The composer conducts the Chironomids Outerspace Group and directs.

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