Saturday, 9 April 2016

Today : world première of Hans Thomalla's 'Kaspar Hauser' in Freiburg

Today, Hans Thomalla's second opera, Kaspar Hauser, opera in three acts with a libretto by the composer, will be performed by the Theater Freiburg.

It is Thomalla's second opera after Fremd (Stuttgart, 2011).
In May 1828, a strange young man appears suddenly in Nuremberg. He moves strangely, produces strange noises and repeats hearsay in a strangely distorted language. All attempts to solve the mystery of his identity may prove inconclusive, making it the perfect projection screen for the sensationalism of the population, a society that is obsessed to fill the void of his biography. Without origin, language and civilization, he is the object of medical, educational and pseudo-scientific experiments. (reproduced from the Oper Köln website)
The cast includes countertenor Xavier Sabata (Kaspar Hauser) and several singers as citizens from Nuremberg and Ansbach. Daniel Carter conducts the Philharmonic Orchestra Freiburg. Frank Hilbrich directs.

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