Thursday, 24 April 2014

Today : World Première of Andrea Molino's opera in Bologna

Today, the Opera Comunale di Bologna presents the world première performance of Andrea Molino's new opera - qui non c'è perché - (There is no why here), with a libretto by Giorgio van Straten, inspired by Primo Levi's memoir If This Is a Man - Survival in Auschwitz.

Conducted by the composer and directed by Wouter van Looy, the multimedia musical theatre piece involved two vocal soloists (David Moss and Anna Linardou), the Institute of Living Voice and the Bl!ndman ensemble, alongside with the Orchestra of the Teatro Comunale.

The opera also requires involvement of the audience : members of the audience have been requested to send video selfies reading the following excerpt of Levi's book, and the videos will be used in the performance :

Driven by thirst, I eyed a fine icicle outside the window, within hand’s reach. I opened the window and broke off the icicle but at once a large, heavy guard prowling outside brutally snatched it away from me. – Warum? – I asked him in my poor German. – Hier ist kein warum, – (there is no why here), he replied, pushing me inside with a shove.

The first performance will be broadcast live by Rai Radio 3.

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