Thursday, 25 September 2014

Today : world première of Kris Defoort's 'Daral Shaga' in Limoges

Today, Kris Defoort's new opera, Daral Shaga, will be performed for the first time in Limoges, France.

It is the composer's third opera, after The Woman who Walked into Doors (Ghent, 2001) and The House of Sleeping Beauties (Brussels, 2009). The libretto in French has been written by Laurent Gaudé.

Daral Shaga is the story of a wall standing between two worlds, a wall some manage to get across, but others may never reach. That wall shuts one out from everything especially freedom.
Young Nadra and her migrant father, along with the choir, tell about a voyage, a crossing and the loss of identity. It is about a contemporary and timeless issue : the dream of an exile, in which all kinds of arts combine, and eventually narrate a universal tale about indignation as a way to stand up against despair and freedom, against oblivion. In the very middle of all this, a God gets created as he gives up the race : Daral Shaga is, indeed, the one who has not succeeded in crossing the wall. (reproduced from
The opera should last about 90 minutes. It is conceived for three singers (mezzo soprano Michaele Riener, bass Maciej Straburzynski and baritone Tiemo Wang), three musicians (Fabian Fiorini, piano, Lode Vercampt, cello and Bogdan Varlan, clarinet) and circassian artists (Feria Musica). Philippe de Coen conducts and Fabrice Murgia directs.

The opera will also be performed in Besançon (October 2014), Strasbourg (December 2014) and Grenoble (March 2015).

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