Sunday, 24 March 2019

Today : world première of 'Siegfried, the Little Dragon Slayer' by Adrian Sieber in Würzburg

Today, the Mainfranken Theater Würzburg presents the world première of Siegfried, der kleine Drachentöter (Siegfried, the Little Dragon Slayer), a children opera composed by Adrian Sieber, with a libretto by Berthold Warnecke.

It is the composer's first opera.
Who does not know the stories of the legendary hero Siegfried ? Even the little Siegfried is fascinated by the exploits of his great role model, by the world of kings and knights, by Siegfried's strength, courage and wisdom. Hour after hour, little Siegfried spends time in the forge of his friend Regin, in order to immerse himself deeper and deeper in the secrets of the book of the Nibelungen saga. He can not get enough of the stories until one day they read the chapter about the Nibelung treasure. The description of this treasure, which promises its owner power over the world and immeasurable wealth, exerts a magical attraction, not only on Siegfried ! Regin also suddenly seems transformed. With Siegfried's help, he wants to gain possession of the treasure, which is guarded by the fearsome dragon Fafnir. Pressed by Regin, Siegfried bravely goes to fight the dragon, and for the first time, has to make decisions that might change his life. (freely adapted from the Mainfranken Theater Würzburg website)
The cast includes soprano Silke Evers (Siegfried) and bass Taiyu Uchiyama (Regin the blacksmith). Adrian Sieber conducts members of the Philharmonic Orchestra Würzburg. Mario Pavle Del Monaco directs.

The venue is the 'Kammer' hall. The performance should last about one hour.

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