Tuesday, 29 June 2021

Today : world première of 'Aliénor' by Alain Voirpy in Limoges


Today, the Opéra de Limoges presents the world première of Aliénor, Allah i Nour, Queens of Light, an opera composed by Alain Voirpy.


It is the composer's first opera.

The action takes place at the crossroads of multiple temporal fractures, illustrating the permanence of the fight led by women to defend their legitimate rights: Eleanor, in the Middle Ages, recluse in a castle in England, alone, facing her past, her demons, her guilt, but also the frustrations of the queen, the mother and the Christian, Eleanor still, today a prisoner of a museum in the Middle East, a Western mirage in a world fanaticized by the obscurantism, Eleanor, finally, contemplating in New York the result of 8 centuries of incessant struggles: a freedom which remains to be conquered in the face of a humanity which has forgotten its past to convince us, today, of his sincerity. (freely adapted from the Opéra de Limoges website)

The cast includes soprano Catherine Hunold (Aiénor), baritone Jérôme Boutillier (Richard) and actress Marie Vanhonnacker (Norah). Daniel Kawka conducts the chorus and orchestra of the Opéra de Limoges. Kristian Frédric directs.

The performance should last 1 hour and 45 minutes.

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