Saturday, 26 January 2019

Today : world première of 'Was ist los dei den Enakos ?' by Elisabeth Naske in Vienna

Today, the Wiener Staatsoper presents the world première of Was ist los bei den Enakos ? (What's up with the Enako family?), a children opera composed by Elisabeth Naske with a libretto by Ela Baumann.

Elisabeth Naske has already composed several stage works for children, including Die feuerrote Friederike (Vienna, 2004), Die Omama im Apfelbaum (Vienna, 2007), Das Städtchen Drumherum (Vienna, 2013) and Der Wunschpunsch (Lucerne, 2014).
The same thoughts, the same happiness, the same feelings : that’s how easy it is to govern a people ! But of course such equality is nothing less than limitation, dictatorship and oppression, as the people of Enakos discover. However, individuality suddenly flourishes in the state of uniformity once the people of Enakos realize that equality does not always achieve one’s objectives, and that proscribed equality has nothing to do with freedom. In the end, everyone discovers their personal uniqueness before uniting in the final chorus. (reproduced from the Wiener Staatsoper website)
Rick Stengårds conducts the Stage Orchestra of the Vienna State Opera. Ela Baumann directs.

The requested orchestra is the following (according to the Schott Music website) :

- 2 flutes, 2 clarinets ;
- 2 horns ;
- percussion (3 players) ;
- strings (at least

The venue is the Agrana Studiobühne. The performance should last about 1 hour. The score is published by Schott Music.

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