Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Today : world première of Martin Matalon's 'L'Ombre de Venceslao' in Rennes

Today, the Opéra de Rennes presents the world première performance of Martin Matalon's opera L'Ombre de Venceslao (Venceslao's Shadow), with a libretto by Jorge Lavelli after Copi's play.

It is the composer's second opera after Le Miracle Secret (Avignon, 1989).
Venceslao is a poor but proud man, living surrounded by his family and their animals. When his daughter China leaves home for Buenos Aires, he rushes into an errance that will lead him to the Iguazu falls. (freely adapted from the Opéra de Rennes website)
The cast includes baritone Thibaut Desplantes (Venceslao), tenor Ziad Nehme (Rogelio), soprano Estelle Poscio (China), alto Sarah Laulan (Mechita) and baritone Mathieu Gardon (Largui). Ernest Martinez Izquierdo conducts the Orchestre symphonique de Bretagne. Jorge Lavelli directs.

The opera should last about 85 minutes. In the next months, the opera will be performed in Toulon, Reims, Avignon, Clermont-Ferrand, Toulouse, Marseille, Bordeaux and Montpellier. The score is published by Gérard Billaudot.

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