Friday, 3 May 2019

Received this morning : programme book for 'Oceane' by Detlev Glanert

This Friday morning, I have received the programme book published by the Deutsche Oper Berlin for the world première of Oceane by Detlev Glanert.

The opera was first performed in Berlin on April 28, 2019.

It is a 56 pages book. It contains :

- synopsis ;
- Kerstin Schüssler-Bach : Sommerliche Abgründe - Zur Musik von Detlev Glanerts 'Oceane' ;
- Jörg Königsdorf : Gefangen in der Unfähigkeit zu lieben, dialogue with the composer ;
- several colour photos of the piano dress rehearsal on April 17, by Bernd Uhlig ;
- Katharina Duda : Der Dichter und seine Nixe - Theodor und Martha Fontane ;
- Robert Carsen : Gedanken zu 'Oceane' ;
- Ian Burton : Ein altes Thema in neuem Gewand.

The entire book is in German. There is an English translation of the synopsis at the end of the book.

There is a separate 8 pages leaflet with the complete cast for the first performance, with biographies of the artists.

I now have 651 programme books for contemporary operas in my collection. I have scanned all the covers and uploaded the images to this flickr folder.

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