Thursday, 20 February 2020

Today : world première of Roland Fister's 'Die Prinzessin auf dem Kürbis' in Coburg.

Today, the Landestheater Coburg presents the world première of Die Prinzessin auf dem Kürbis (The Princess and the Pumpkin), a children opera composed by Roland Fister with a libretto by Heinz Janisch based on the children story.

(c) Nicolas Kroeger

It is the composer's third opera after Dorian Gray and Die Schatzinsel (Coburg, 2016).
A sign on the castle wall reads "Princess wanted ! Pea princess, no thanks !”. After the prince met the famous princess on the pea at the wedding of the neighboring prince, one thing is certain for him : such a squeamish princess will never come to his castle ! Encouraged by the sign, two princesses try their luck, but the prince is so rude that despite the efforts of his servant Dragonbane, they quickly run away. Until one night a princess shows up who can even sleep on a pumpkin... (freely adapted from the Landestheater Coburg website)
The cat includes soprano Laura Incko (The Princess on the Pumpkin), mezzo Kora Pavelic (Miranda), soprano Dimitra Kotidou (The Princess on the Pea), tenor Peter Aisher (The Prince) and baritone Marvin Zobel (Leupold Dragonbane). The composer conducts the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Landestheater Coburg. Ilaria Lanzino directs.

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