Friday, 26 February 2016

Today : world première of 'Reise nach Tripiti' by Fabian Künzli in Winterthur

Today, Fabian Künzli's new children opera will be performed at the Theater Winterthur. The libretto by Pamela Dürr is based on the book originaly written by Hans Ulrich Steger.

It is the composer's second piece for the musical theatre after Die Orchestermäuse (2014).
The battered teddy Theo ends up on a garbage dump. To get courage in his predicament, he hums the song with which his little owner has previuosly lulled him to sleep : 'trip to Tripiti'.  The broken wooden horse Kaspar wants to accompany him to the beautiful Tripiti.  During their journey, other discarded toys they meet will join the convoy. (freely translated from the Theater Winterthur website).
The cast includes soprano Andrea Suter (Puppe Resi), mezzo Michaela Polkehn (Babuschka), tenor Michael Feyfar (Kaspar Steckenpferd) and bass baritone Martin Weidmann (Bär Theodor). Marc Kissóczy conducts and Nina Russi directs.

The opera should last about 90 minutes.

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