Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Today : World première of Laurent Cugny's 'Cloud Tectonics' in Nantes

Today, jazzman Laurent Cugny's first opera, La Tectonique des Nuages (Cloud Tectonics), with a libretto by François Rancillac after José Rivera's bookin the translation by Isabelle Famchon will be performed at the Théâtre Graslin in Nantes.

The opera was first performed in concert at the jazz festival in Vienne (France), in 2006. A recording was then released by PypeLine productions.
Maybe the ground will end up being cut to the heart of the monstrous city, this crazy, dazzled, amnesic Los Angeles on which the flood from heaven has been pouring for so long... that no one can remember as time itself was trampled on by Celestina, the goddess paralyzing clocks and men. This irresistible beauty, with a belly heavy from a doubtful embrace, landed out of nowhere, with its mystery as only luggage, and wanders in memory, in history, in the arms of Anibal of his brother Nelson. All three get lost, find themselves, hope and forget, victims of this strange intimate Apocalypse where love constantly blooms, blooms again and dissolves. (free translation after the opera house website)
The cast includes David Linx (Anibal de la Luna), Laïka Fatien (Celestina del Sol) and Yann-Gaël Poncet (Nelson de la Luna). The band consists of ten musicians (piano, 2 saxophones and clarinets, trumpet, trombone, horn, accordion, guitars, doublebass and drum kit.

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