Friday, 29 November 2019

Today : world première of 'Schellen-Ursli' by Marius Felix Lange in Basel

Today, the Theater Basel presents the world première of Schellen-Ursli (A Bell for Ursli), a children opera composed by Marius Felix Lange with a libretto by the composed based on the Engadine Trilogy by Selina Chönz and Alois Carigiet.

It is the composer's sixth opera for children after, among others, Das Opernschiff oder am Südpol, denkt man, ist es heiss (Köln, April 26, 2005), Schneewittchen (Köln, April 21, 2011) and Die Schneekönigin (Duisburg, April 23, 2016).
A little village lies peacefully covered in snow high up in the Swiss mountains. But not for long! Because Chalandamarz will soon be here and the children are waiting impatiently to drive winter away with the sound of loud bells. However, Ursli’s feverish excitement turns into deep despondency when everyone laughs at him being given the smallest of all the goat bells. He determinedly makes his way to the lonely Maiensässhütte to fetch the largest of the cow bells. However, the steep path that leads there is a dangerous one and when Flurina also sets off into the snow and ice to look for her brother, the adventure takes a more serious turn. (reproduced from the Theater Basel website)
The cast includes Michael Bauer or Aaron Christ (Schellen-Ursli), Alma Bleich or Mira Feigel (Flurina), soprano Kali Hardwick or mezzo Ena Pongrac (Mutter), baritone Dmytro Kalmuchyn or Anelio Rodriguez (Vater) and bass baritone Raphael Sigling (Gian / Der Winter). Stephen Delaney conducts a Chalanda-Banda. Tim Jentzen directs.

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