Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Received this morning : programme book for Thomas Morse's 'Frau Schindler' in Munich

This Wednesday morning, I have received in the mail the programme book published by the Gärtnerplatztheater in Munich for the world première of Thomas Morse's Frau Schindler.

It is a 48 pages brochure. It contains :

- complete cast ;
- the synopsis ;
- Eine fast vergessene Geschichte (An almost forgotten story), by Daniel C. Schindler ;
- Zeittafel (Time table) ;
- Die unbesungene Heldin (The unsung heroine), by Erika Rosenberg-Band ;
- In Schindlers Schatten (In Schindler's shadow), by Emilie Schindler ;
- Der "gute Nazi" ? (The "good Nazi" ?), by Tomáš Kraus ;
- biographies of composer Thomas Morse and librettist Kenneth Cazan ;
- Eine einmalige Chance (A Unique opportunity), interview of composer by dramaturgist Daniel C. Schindler ;
- Von Pamina bis Frau Schindler, Opernheldinnen im Wandel der Zeit (From Pamina to Frau Schindler, opera heroines through the ages) by Daniel C. Schindler ;
- Der Neo-Nationalismus ist da (Neo nationalism is there), by Wolfram Weimer ;
- biographies of the singers with color headshots ;
- numerous color photos of rehearsals.

The programme book in entirely in German. The synopsis is bilingual, in German and English.

The scanned covers of all programme books of contemporary operas I have are in this flickr folder.

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