Friday, 11 March 2016

New in my collection : program book for Miroslav Srnka's 'South Pole' in München

This Friday morning, I have finally received in the mail the program book for the world première of Miroslav Srnka's opera South Pole, in Munich.

It is a 336 pages book. It contains :

- black and white original photos of Robert Scott, Roald Amundsen and their teams ;
- the complete cast, with tessituras and the compklete orchestra setting ;
- the complete libretto in the original English with a German translation ;
- 40 black and white photos of the expeditions ;
- Frank Hilberg : Szenen eines Wettlaufs, die Oper South Pole von Miroslav Srnka ;
- Marie Luise Maintz : Von der Erfindung der Musik, der Komponist Miroslav Srnka ;
- Chris Mead : Seelenchirurgie, über das Werk von Tom Holloway ;
- Wozu sind wir aufgebrochen ?, a discussion with the composer and the director Hans Neuenfels ;
- Tor Bomann-Larsen : Der Traum vom Südpol, Amundsens Telegramme und andere verschlüsselte Botschaften ;
- Ute Frevert : Vermessene Gefühle - Ehre, Heldentum und Wettkampf in der Antarktis ;
- Michael Beckerman : Kalte Klänge - Über das Verhältnis von Temperatur und Musik ;
- a chronology table of the expeditions to the South Pole ;
- 21 color photos of the dress rehearsal with piano (January 21st, 2016) ;
- plot summary in German, English and French.

There is a separate folded map of the South Pole, showing the paths followed by the explorers, with a diagrammatic sketch of the opera. Unfortunately, the size of the characters is so small it is impossible to read.

I now have 396 program books for contemporary operas. The covers can be seen in this flickr folder.

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