Tuesday, 20 July 2021

New programme book in my collection : 'Paradiese' by Gerd Kühr in Leipzig


Yesterday, I have received the programme book published by the Oper Leipzig for the world première performance of Gerd Kühr's Paradiese.


It is a 40 pages booklet. It contains :

- synopsis ;
- biography of the composer, Gerd Kühr ;
- biography of the librettist, Hans-Ulrich Treichel ;
- Der Sehnsuchtsmotor rattert, discussion with composer Gerd Kühr, librettist Hans-Ulrich Treichel and director Barbora Horakova ;
- Wolfgang Kraushaar : 1968 ;
- Gabriele Gillen : Das Wunder der Liebe, eine kleine Geschichte der sexuellen Revolution ;
- Charles Baudelaire : Die künstlichen Paradiese ;
- Apollodor : Der Mythos von Agaue und Pentheus ;
- Hans-Ulrich Treichel : Berlin - Terra incognita ;

It contains also 16 pages of colour photos of the production. It is entirely in German.

I now have 1996 programme books in my collection, including 664 for contemporary operas. I have catalogued my entire collection on LibraryThing.

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