Saturday, 11 January 2020

Today : world première of 'Chaosmos' by Marc Sinan in Wuppertal

Today, the Oper Wuppertal presents the world première of Chaosmos, an interactive opera composed by Marc Sinan with a libretto by Tobias Rausch.

It is the composer's fourth musical theater project.
The opera house getting turned into a logistics center. This is where Jay and Joe work, incessantly moving crates back and forth with their forklifts. Inside each crate is part of the musical score that tells a story. Joe sorts the stories, while Jay messes them up, allowing new patterns to constantly emerge.
Members of the audience are also able to influence the movement onstage by sorting the crates before the piece begins, adding chaos or structure as the drama unfolds.
The resulting order and disorder randomly combine arias, stories, musical scenes and video projections. Times, places and levels constantly get shifted. The principles of classification created by the naturalist Carl Linnaeus meet the turmoil of the Vietnam War and the history of the ocean container. (reproduced from the composer's website)
The cast includes soprano Wendy Krikken, mezzo Iris Marie Sojer, tenor Adam Temple-Smith and baritone Timothy Edlin. Johannes Pell conducts. Konrad Kästner directs.

The opera will subsequently be performed in Halle (first performance on April 3rd) and in Bremen (first performance on June 20), as part of the NOperas! project.

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